• Introducing: 2021 Colors of the Year

    The Pantone Color Institute has chosen the Color of The Year: Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray. This offers hopefulness and gratitude, thee latter symbolizes resilience and stability.
  • Balancing The Four C's

    Balancing the Four C’s is all about personal preference and what you prioritize the most in your stone. At Hattie Banks, we have our own guidelines to ensure your diamond is of the highest quality.
  • What Are The Four C's?

    Diamonds are one of the most coveted gems. To determine a diamond's value experts use the Four C's - Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight. 
  • Lab Grown Diamonds

    Lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds are identical to the eye, even a professional gemologist will need specialized equipment to tell.  
  • The Hattie Banks Quality Promise

    At Hattie Banks, we promise every piece we create will be special enough to pass down generationally, and we promise to alway use our ethical and sustainable practices while producing our pieces.
  • What is a Nicker Nut?

    Varying in shape, size, and color, nicker nuts exude a wonderful, diverse rainbow that graces the eye. They never fail to add a beautiful, tropical flare to any environment which they reside in.