Balancing The Four C's

The Four C's consist of cut, carat, color, and clarity. The Four Cs describe the qualities of a diamond in very precise terms. They’ve become an international language that can be use to describe and evaluate diamonds.

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When balancing the Four C’s, you have decide what you prioritize and what can be compromised. Balancing the Four C’s is all about personal preference and what you prioritize the most in your stone. At Hattie Banks, we have our own guidelines to ensure your diamond is of the highest quality. We believe they always need to be clean to eye! We recommend stopping the search at a J color because anything beyond will start to look warmer. For clarity, we recommend stay with SI-1 or SI2.

At the end of the day, your budget and priorities tell us which C’s to focus on. It is all about balancing and prioritizing what is most important to you


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  • Round Brilliants: They are great at masking color and hiding inclusions. Regardless of where you compromise, always make sure that diamond faces up white and bright, and that no inclusions are visible to the naked eye.
  • Oval Cut: The great thing about ovals is that they are universal. They usually look larger than they are because they are great at carrying their weight!
Ovals are great at camouflaging inclusions, which means in the VS2 and up you are safe and will not see inclusions to the naked eye. Always remember, avoid the bowtie effect! Ovals show color a bit more than other shapes. I feel comfortable going between a D to an I color. 1.3 to 1.4 is the most classic ratio proportion. Below 1.3 will be on the chubbier side, while above a 1.4 is more elongated. 
  • Cushion Cuts: Cushion cuts don't have a cut grade, but they do have polish and symmetry grade that falls on the same scale (excellent, very good, good, fair and poor). Some people prefer an elongated cushion cut while some like a very square cushion. 

From professional experience, color should be the main priority. I have noticed that cushion cuts show color more than other cuts. On the scale, you can go I to H color and still have a cushion cut that is white.  Anything lower, you will start to see warmth.  Cushion cuts are really good at camouflaging inclusions, going to SI1 or SI2 is normally fine. 

  • Emerald Cut: Due to their facets that step into the center of the stone, they are not as sparkly as round brilliants, but their unique cut gives large flashes of light. One area that you can compromise is the color. Due to their step cut faceting you’re able to go lower in color while still having the diamond show white. I recommend sticking to a J color. Prioritizing clartity is very important. Due to the unique step up cut, it leaves no place for the inclusions to hide.  I recommend sticking to VS2 and up. 


Over all, always make sure your stone faces up white and bright, has no visible inclusions to the naked eye. To learn more schedule a virtual zoom call with Hattie CLICK HERE or reach out to us at or (424)-332-2437