How To Mix Your Jewelry

Gold. Silver. White Gold. Rose Gold. Which to choose?

What if I told you you didn’t have to make that choice, but that you could wear what you love? 

When it comes to jewelry, I believe that all metals match, but it’s your personal style that could make or break the look.

I have so much fun mixing and matching my jewelry. At any given time, you can find me wearing multiple rings, bracelets and earrings, and if you look closely, you’ll notice they’re always a mix of yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. 

Here’s how to succeed at mixing your jewelry:

Opt for timeless, higher quality pieces

If you’re looking to up your jewelry game, do you want to splurge on pieces that only work now, or invest in pieces that will last a lifetime, over a variety of looks and occasions? And since you’re on the Hattie Banks site, I’m willing to bet you’d choose investing in pieces that will last a lifetime. 

Higher quality jewelry is made with the finest materials, so your metals will be easier to blend. Your gold won’t be bright yellow, you’r sliver won’t turn your skin green, and your rose gold won’t look pink.

Plus, timeless jewelry tends to be more delicate, which makes each piece play well with others.

Pair every day pieces with special ones

Wear your daily jewelry with confidence. If you wear a watch, it and your jewelry should compliment each other, not be an either or situation. When you’re mixing metals of fine jewelry, it’s easy to layer, and your daily pieces should serve as your base. 

Some pieces look better made in certain colors. As you learn to treat jewelry as an extension of your personal style, you’ll start to feel more confident in your heirlooms and recent purchases - whether you’re wearing them to brunch, work or a party - because you’ll buy what you love versus “what matches.”

And no woman shines better than one in love…even if the love is solely directed to her wrist. 

Match if you like a lot

The only time I’d suggest sticking to one type of metal is if your jewelry taste is more is more. Whether that more is the size of an individual piece or quantity of pieces, if you’re going for big, stick with one color, and preferably one body part. 

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xo HB.