How To Successfully Work And Travel


It’s no secret our founder, Hattie, is always on the go. However, even while indulging in her love for travel, business doesn’t suffer. In this week’s blog post, we’re sharing our best tips for traveling without falling off the workhorse for entrepreneurs.

Plan Your Trips Strategically

Especially if you’re just starting out, this is very important. Go where you want your business to grow. I pick my locations based on brands I’m hoping to partner and connect with. It takes a lot of research and a lot of outreach, but it’s so important to get your brand in front of the right audience. I will only parter with stores who have the same values and aesthetic of Hattie Banks, and it takes time to find them, and then to connect with them. And then, once you’re in a new location, don’t forget to network! Set up meetings with people you can learn from, collaborate with and just think could be great in your contact list.

Routines & To Do Lists

The most important thing I can recommend for productive traveling is sticking to your routine. I live by my Google Calendar and Smythson Day Planner, which is great for anyone switching time zones often. Every day - even when I’m on the road - I make a to do list. I find it’s the best way to stay organized and prioritize work that cannot be skipped, regardless of my location.

Get Comfortable With Your Location

When you’re traveling for work (or working while traveling, it goes both ways!), it’s not really the time to try too many new things. Like I said, I highly recommend sticking to your routine. If you’re a coffee shop worker, find a local coffee shop wherever you’re visiting. You can do this a couple of ways: Google via Instagram: use geotags of the cities you’re visiting, and see the places that come up. And because it’s Instagram, you’ll be able to see the different spaces and pick a place that looks most like a productive environment for you. Spend your first day walking around your new neighborhood. Get familiar, take in the sights, and name a place you find as your home away from home office for the length of your trip. Reach out to bloggers in the area you’re visiting. They tend to know some pretty great co-working spaces and could give you an insider’s perspective.

Work-Life Balance

Everyone who says they only work on work trip is lying. There, I said it. Instead of fighting it, just try to be better at time management. When I’m traveling, I make my daily schedule nice and simple: exercise, work, play. I schedule my meetings in advance so I can plan around them, and I research fun things I want to try to ensure I experience the city I’m visiting and get a taste of the local atmosphere. If I am extremely busy, I’ll add an extra day to my trip so make sure I can see the sights.