In-Flight Essentials

Here at Hattie Banks, we love to travel. We’re constantly jet-setting, whether for fun, inspiration or work. Regardless of the reason of our trips, we’ve found we can never be without certain items when on a flight. Keep reading to find our what our in-flight essentials are!

Hand Sanitizer 

Public transportation is dirty. Bring your own hand sanitizer to disinfect your space and hands when traveling. 

Our Recommendation: Byredo Hand Sanitizer 

Lip Balm  

It’s no secret flying is dehydrating. Finding your favorite chapstick or lip balm to keep in your travel bag will help you prevent dry and cracked lips.

Our Recommendation: Jack Black Lip Balm

Tooth Brush and Toothpaste 

Is it just us, or do you also feel so gross and dirty after a flight? We’ve gotten into the habit of packing a toothbrush and paste, that way the second we land we can freshen up.

Our Recommendations: The Humble Co Toothbrush and Marvis Toothpaste

Eye Mask 

An eye mask is a necessity for red eyes and long flights!

Our Recommendation: Slip Eye Mask

Immune Boost

We’ve said it already, but flying is a dirty, infected process. Protect yourself from the possibility of getting sick by popping one of these antioxidants!

Our Recommendation: Beauty Chef’s Antioxidant Inner Beauty Boost

Skin Moisturizer 

Pro tip: lather your moisturizer on your face right before a flight. Like, the thickest layer you can. Don’t worry about makeup, you can put that on when you land - just focus on your skin for now.

Our Recommendations: Skinceuticals and Kiehl's

Ear Plugs 

This goes along with the sleep mask: block out your surroundings to get a little R&R…your body will thank you once you land.

Our Recommendation: Earplanes


We never travel without a book. We’re currently reading Grace: A Memoir, and a few of our other favorites to consider are the Peachtree Bluff Series - perfect for a trip to the south or the beach!

Currently Reading Grace: A Memoir


We love writing everything down…from to do lists, to inspirational notes, to random free-writes. Finding a favorite notebook to carry around is such an accomplishment, especially on those trips that are more business-centered. 

Our Recommendation: Moleskine Journal


Never go anywhere without a pen…ever. You never know when you’ll have to fill something out, and it’s really a terrible flaw to be caught without one. We’re obsessed with the Soho House pens, but since those aren’t for sale, we’ve added another favorite too.

Our Recommendation: Poppin Blush Pen Set

Eye Care

Just like your lips, your under eye area is prone to severe flight dehydration. These little eye masks are the perfect size to throw in your bag and replenish your eye hydration on the go.

Our Recommendation: BioRepublic Lost Baggage

Share your favorite in-flight essentials with us! Tag @byhattiebanks on Instagram when you travel for a chance to be featured. xo