What is a Nicker Nut?

Traditionally called “sea beans” or “drift nuts,” nicker nuts originate from the West Indies where they are found nestled within the Warri Tree, a species of flowering plants in the senna tribe. Nicker nuts can be found in a myriad of coastal environments, including the North Atlantic and European coastlines. In Florida, one can find nicker nuts on the beaches of Islamorada, in the Florida Keys, at mile marker 74 along Highway 1.


hattie banks, islamorda florida


Varying in shape, size, and color, nicker nuts exude a wonderful treat for the eyes, and never fail to add an elegant, tropical flare to any environment in which they reside. 

The ocean inspired designer Hattie Gilpin to create an exclusive collection of nicker nut jewelry, featuring a unique array of stones. Each customer can customize her own Nicker Nut with a favorite precious stone embedded in the nut's surface, lending that personal touch she will cherish forever.

hattie banks nicker nuts

(above: black diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires)