Hattie Banks Nicker Nut Necklace
Nicker Nut Necklace

Nicker Nut Necklace

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  • 14K Yellow Gold
  • Two Emeralds and a 3mm offset rose cut
  • All necklace come with an 18'' chain, to make a modification please contact us


    • The 'Nicker Nut Necklace' has a special place in designer Hattie's heart. The 'Nicker Nut' starts its journey in the Caribbean, and then the Gulf Stream deposits the seed along the coast of Florida. Hattie has carefully collected them after walking along the local beaches in the Keys.  Once found, they are polished, and precious gemstones are added. Each 'Nicker Nut' is one-of-a-kind with varying shapes and colors.

    • Each ‘Nicker Nut’ can be created with a custom diamond or gemstone design. Contact info@hattiebanks.com for specific sizes, stones, and patterns.