Hattie Banks designs strike a delicate balance between the modern-day woman and generations to come. We are committed to prioritizing wearability by creating modern, timeless pieces while using the highest quality materials.

Materials matter. Not only are our foundations consistent, but our stones and shells are ethically sourced. You can see and touch the quality while feeling confident in our supply chain.

Versatility is one of our core values. At Hattie Banks, we take you from day to night, jeans to couture. Each piece is individually designed and thoughtfully crafted to complement your look and style.

All Hattie Banks pieces are made in New York City from recycled and responsibly sourced metals & stones, while using sustainable production methods.

Meet Hattie Banks

After graduating from Clemson University, a South Carolina native quickly moved to Manhattan. Currently attending the GIA and energized by the city streets Hattie brought one of her life long passions to fruition and launched Hattie Banks in 2018.

Inspired by the elegant simplicity of a southern woman's style and New York City's atmosphere. Hattie believes jewelry should be worn- not kept in a safe. Jewelry should inspire confidence and take you from day to night, no matter the occasion. I wholeheartedly believe in a lifelong marriage with your jewelry.