About Hattie Banks

Inspired by the elegant simplicity of a Southern woman's style - from generations past until present- Hattie Banks is a fine jewelry collection centered around meaningful aspects of designer Hattie Gilpin's life. 

The line is comprised of capsule collections that feature subtle nods towards inspirations of Hattie's Life. Her capsule collections consist of three collection: the equestrian collection, the sea dipped collection, and the geometric collection.  Her equestrian collection is filled of horseshoes and fences, each crafted from ethically-sourced diamonds and precious metals, inspired by her love her horses and the equestrian sport. The geometric collection is comprised of statement rings and delicate necklaces , and tiny, eye-catching earrings pack a shiny punch in the form of diamond triangles and other geometric shapes. 

The sea dipped collection was born in 2016. Founder and Designer, Hattie Gilpin, imagined a collection inspired by one of nature's greatest gifts: the ocean.  A marriage of casual luxury aesthetic with timelessly luxurious precious metals. A pop of gold gives a feeling of timeless elegance that would allow you to keep summer with you no matter where you travel. Her ultimate mission is to support innovative ocean preservation nonprofits. She believes the ocean and its inhabitants are nature’s greatest gift to humanity, and consistently devise fundraising initiatives for said charities. 

Handmade in New York City with ethically sourced stones and shells, each Hattie Banks piece is elegant enough to wear everyday, and special enough to keep forever.
Hattie Banks
Designer, Hattie Gilpin