Hattie Banks founder Hattie Gilpin works hands on with clients to create magnificent custom jewelry pieces. Together we conceptualize the piece, select stones, design the item, and ultimately have it handmade by skilled artisans.
  • Consultation: The process begins by gathering essential information about the recipient and exploring design concepts. We will take this time to  educate you on the basics of stone and metal quality and the process of creating a custom piece. 
  • Concept Review: Hattie Banks' design team creates concept sketches for the client to review and provide feedback on. Once the design is reviewed and chosen, we provide a 3D model for review.
  • Stone Selection: If there are precious stones used in the piece, we will work our sources to select an assortment of GIA certified stones to present to the client. We will present you with a group of stones that we believe represents the best value and best fit for your piece.
  • Delivery: The final project is delivered along with an official appraisal that can be used to insure your piece, if desired. We are able to ship your piece to you using Fed-Ex overnight or you are able to pick it up from our showroom located in New York, New York. 



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