At Hattie Banks, our fine jewelry is meant to be worn in your present life and passed on in the future. Ultimately, we believe cherished jewelry should be worn, not kept in a safe. Together, we conceptualize the piece through hand drawn illustrations, stone selections, sourcing of materials, measurements, and in-house styling. Each bespoke piece tells a story of its own and is created in its entirety in New York City.


  • Consultation: At Hattie Banks, we take pride in building an intimate relationship, which allows us to add additional pieces to your current collection that compliments your personal style. We will take this time to educate you on the differences in stones and metal qualities as well as the Hattie Banks process.
  • Concept Review: Our design team creates illustrations for us to brainstorm and review. We then provide a 3D model for your review.
  • Stone Selection: If you wish to incorporate stones, we will curate a special assortment to help determine the best value that fits your personality and vision.
    1. Each Hattie Banks diamond is hand selected for its unique quality and history. They are guaranteed to come from legitimate sources in full compliance with UN resolutions and are not involved in funding conflicts.
  • Delivery: Your jewelry is given to you with an official appraisal in person or delivered.

To schedule a virtual zoom call with Hattie CLICK HERE or reach out to us at or (424)-332-2437