Dip Your Own Shell

The Sea Dipped collection is inspired by the ocean and capturing an ephemeral moment in time. The sentimental quality of collecting seashells from holidays is preserved as a piece of fine jewelry, dipped in 14k gold or sterling silver, and worn as a memento long after the vacation has ended.

Hattie Banks now offers the opportunity for clients to submit their own personal shells or found objects, and have them hand-dipped in 14K gold or sterling silver and worn as a beloved piece of jewelry.

The mission of the brand as a whole is to support and stand behind innovative nonprofits benefiting the environment, specifically the ocean. A portion of proceeds benefit See Turtles, a non-profit organization that protects endangered sea turtles through unique conservation & volunteer trips, and educational programs.

How to send us a shell:

  • 1. Go the beach and find a shell.
  • 2. Fill out THIS FORM and mail the shell to us with it inside.
  • 3. Hattie will reach out to you personally to set up a virtual consultation.
  • 4. The piece will be created and mailed back to you.

  • Pricing:

    **Pricing does not include the cost of a chain. The chain can bee added during the virtual consultation.**

  • 1''- 3'' shells will cost $295 for pendant.
  • For shells 3'' and above please contact us at info@hattiebanks.com.